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DJ Gear and Technology | We Invest in The Best

As a Professional DJ Service, One of Our Top Priorities is Client Satisfaction.  The Process of  Ensuring Our Clients Experience Begins With Communication and Letting Them Know That We Take Ownership Over Each Event We Provide Our Services To.  As a Provider of Professional Entertainment, We Strongly Emphasize The Technology We Use For Every Performance.

We ensure that all of our equipment and technology is in working order and properly maintained in order to minimize any possible technical difficulties that arise.

With our experience and demand for ensuring an amazing dj performance, we only invest in the top tier levels of dj equipment, technology, ad software including notable equipment brands such as:

Pioneer, Rane, JBL, SHURE, Ortofon, Sennheiser, QSC, Chauvet, Macintosh, and much more.



Every DJ and Entertainment Package Includes the following:

Professional Music Mixer and Controller

We utilize amazing DJ Controller technology which is designed to minimize the amount of time we require to set up for your event.  With the extra time we have, we will focus on the important details like sound projection, additional preparation of other equipment, or last minute requests made by our clients.  Additionally, when we use a Professional DJ Controller, we have full control over how we deliver optimal sounding music for your friends, family, guests, and clients.  With full control all from a consolidated dashboard of DJ friendly technology, finding the next hit song, or smoothly transitioning to the next track is a readily available option for our professional DJs.  

Full Range Professional Audio Speakers

Our Speaker setups easily amplify enough sound and power to rock any regular to large size venue.  We use Self Amplified “Powered” speakers which are portable, light weight, and easy to set up which is another time saving measure we take for our clients. Not only do we save time, we also don’t run as much of the risk of blowing speakers or losing sound quality as some sub par systems don’t offer fail proof systems.  Whether your party or event is at a house in the hills, wedding reception hall, hotel lounge, or corporate venue, we have the right speakers, amplifiers, and dj gear to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  The quality we wish to deliver to every event is recognized in the level, clarity, and overall sound we produce for every event.

Wireless Microphones and Corded Microphones

Most of our clients request microphones for special events so their guests or family members can make announcements.  No sweat! We include a microphone system with every event that requests emcee services.  Our wireless microphone technology is designed to allow our guests to be heard from almost anywhere within range of our DJ Setup.  We also incorporate at least 1 extra microphone as we always like to be prepared for any scenario.  Not only do we offer wireless microphones, but we can also provide your wedding officiant or speaker for you an event with a lapel microphone that easily attaches to their collared shirt for hands ree, wireless speaking.  Feel free to ask one of our entertainment professionals with any special requests regarding microphones or speaking arrangements.

Professional DJ Software and Laptop Computer

The “digital dj” format has become the going rate over the last 15 years. Our team of DJs has tried, tested, and performed on almost every live DJ production software available on the market.  With a quest for the best since the emergence of “the laptop DJ” era, we resort to the highest standard of not only DJ Hardware, but DJ Software as well.  We update, test, and perform on the most heavily supported DJ Software suite’s incorporated with some of the newest Macbook Pro Computer’s which are the standard recommendation across the professional DJ Community.  With the added value and confidence of our team's investment in the best Laptop Computer on the market, we won't hit any snags in finding the next great song or operating our DJ setup.  GE Productions only uses the best!


Your GE Productions DJ will work hand in hand with you to lock in your musical tastes. You will be able to create a playlist via Spotify, Pandora, YouTube or any other platform that allows sharing of playlists and share directly with us so we can see exactly what you enjoy listening to.  In addition to playlist customization,   your GE Productions DJ will sit down with you and go through their library and continue to add to your already created playlist with music we suggest and that you approve of. This element is unique to GE Productions, ensures your musical tastes are met and results in unparalleled success in meeting and exceeding your musical desires.



Our Team of Professional DJs Maintains a World Class Standard in Curating, Planning, and Delivering The Highest Level of Entertainment.  Our Goals and Objectives Go Above and Beyond Providing Entertainment For Our Clients, We Like to Deliver Unforgettable Experiences That Leave Lasting Value. If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, a GE Productions Event is Worth a Lifetime of Good Memories.


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